Mixed Fruits Flavoured 

GFA : Available

Product of AVAIL

Ingredients: Apple powder, Oat powder, Oil palm fiber (contain Lignin), Oligosaccharides, Psyllium seed husk, Wheat grass powder, Spirulina, Alfalfa chlorophyll, Aloe vera 
15gm x 15 sachets per box
The Specialty
100% Natural Simple, Easy, Tasty and HealthyNo stomach ache ♥ No diarrhea Do not contain flavoring, colouring, preservative and artificial sugarDo not contain laxativeDo not contain GMO   

The Benefits
♥ Aids in digestion, improve bowel function
♥ Improves body metabolism rate
♥ Softens stool, improves bowel movements 
♥ Increases proliferation of colonic bacteria beneficial for intestinal health 
♥ Prevents gastrointestinal ulcer and inflammation 
♥ Prevents and improves constipation and hemorrhoids
♥ Effective weight management
Prevents obesity
Prevents colon and breast cancer
♥ Regulates blood cholesterol and sugar level
♥ Antioxidants, improves skin complexion and delays aging 


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