Multi-purpose Handbag. 
Material 100% Cotton. High Quality.
Price : RM35

EXC: Available

SILK Pajamas from China Top Brand - Xinyuan
Size XL. Pants 39 inches long

 High quality material made of 100% silk. Soft & Comfortable

Comes nicely in an upscale gift box.
Selling for RM100 only.

XYS : Available 

To value our loyal customers, we are glad to give away our own-designed magnet, MaMa'sHomeBiz first collectible item, as free gift for any purchase above RM100 in one single receipt at our online store ONLY. Hope you enjoy this as token of appreciation from us. 

Your great support is just UNbelievable!! TQ and Stay Tuned with MHOS!

Anyway, for those who like to own this magnet, you may purchase it for only RM7

Exclusive 3D Magnets for RM35 each

FM184: SOLD (Shay, Naz, Ayuzah)
FM185: Rsvd (Nelly) | FM186: SOLD (Shay, Amilin)

Clay Magnets for RM28 each

FM182: SOLD (Azza) | FM183: SOLD (Lyza)

RUBBER Magnets for RM25 each.

FM178: SOLD (Intan X2, Shay, Amilin, Qaseh, Azza, Norhayati, Mimi 2x, Zai)
FM179: SOLD (Azlina, Intan, Shay, Amilin, Sofea, Lin)
FM180: SOLD (Shay, Izwan, Azza, Naz, Shamsiah)
FM181: SOLD (Azlina, Intan, Shay, Arianti, Izwan, Amilin, Farida, Shamsiah, Lyza, Zai)

Exclusive merchandise from HD Museum, Milwaukee WI, USA.
Selling this metal Magnet for RM35.00

FM177: SOLD to Azlina

USED Items at MHOnlineStore

Selling this Teddy Bear cheap for only RM10.00. Originally from HRC London but it is a USED one. Condition 6/10 as the wool a bit tear-off at the left hand side. See the pic for better visual. The rest of body parts still in best-shaped. 8inch height at sitting position.

TDY : SOLD to Azza

RM2.00 for 3 packets (3 x 24gm)
ACP01: Available

RM2.00 for 3 packets (3 x 24gm)
ACP02: Available

RM2.00 for 3 packets (3 x 24gm)
ACP03: Available

Keropok Lekor - made up of fish, flour and other ingredients. 
To eat it either deep fried or boiled.

1 container consists of 30pcs of slices + 1 packet of chilli sauce. 
Net weight approx 800-900gram.


Selling for RM9 / container 
[Only for local delivery]

RM5.00 each

KR13: SOLD (Roslina) | KR14: SOLD (Roslina)

KR15: Available | KR16: Available
KR17: Available | KR18: Available

KR1: SOLD (Naz) | KR2: Available | KR3: Available
KR4: Available | KR5: SOLD (ija) | KR6: SOLD (Naz)

KR7: SOLD (Ija) | KR8: SOLD (Ija) | KR9: SOLD (Ija)
KR10: SOLD (Ija) | KR11: SOLD (Ija) | KR12: SOLD (Naz)

All are SOLD OUT!!

FM173: SOLD (Azlina, Ayuzah) |  FM174: SOLD (Naz, Mahani)
FM175: SOLD (Naz, Zai) | FM176: SOLD (Mahani, Ayuzah)

All are SOLD OUT!!

DFM15: SOLD (Azlina) | DFM16: SOLD (Zai)
DFM17: SOLD (Zai) | DFM18: SOLD (Zai)

DFM19: SOLD (Zai) | DFM20: SOLD (Zai)
DFM21: SOLD (Azza) | DFM22: SOLD (Zai)

All are SOLD OUT!!

DFM11: SOLD (Azza) | DFM12: SOLD (Azza)
DFM13: SOLD (Naz) | DFM14: SOLD (Amilin)

All are SOLD OUT!!
RM10.00 each pair

DFM01: SOLD (Zai) | DFM02: SOLD (Zai)

DFM03: SOLD (Zai) | DFM04: SOLD (Ija)

DFM05: SOLD (Azza) | DFM06: Rsvd (JJ Brunei)

DFM07: SOLD (Ija) | DFM08: SOLD (Ija)

DFM09: SOLD (Amilin) | DFM10: SOLD (Azlina)

Arabica Coffee originally imported from Tana Toraja, Sulawesi Indonesia. 
Tana Toraja is a highland region in the Indonesian province of South Sulawesi. Besides the best tourism place in South Sulawesi, Tana Toraja is also a best known today for its exquisite Arabica coffee.
With the pleasant smell and wonderful taste, should try this aromatic arabica coffee at home, NOW! 

 Price: RM25 per pack
 Net Weight: 250g per pack

ACT: Available

Fine Cotton. High Quality T-Shirts from Egypt.

Price RM25.00 each
TEG01: N/A | TEG02: N/A

Price: RM25.00 each
TEG03: N/A | TEG04: N/A

Price: RM25.00 each
TEG07: N/A | TEG08: N/A

100% Cotton. Price: RM30.00 each
TEG05: 2pcs Available | TEG06: Available

 Price: RM25.00
TEG09: N/A