These wallets are originally brought from Egypt made of camel skin. Got two types of these wallets. One is suitable for Women (ECW01) and the other one is for Men (ECW02). 

Both are available for sale at our store.

ECW01: N/A

ECW02: N/A

FRESH Terubok from Sarawak

Price: RM12 per piece
For better deal, please feel free to contact us.

TBS: Available

FM153: SOLD (Zai) | FM154: SOLD (Azlina)

FM155: SOLD (Abi) | FM156: SOLD (Amilin)

FM157: SOLD (Zai) | FM158: SOLD (Shay)

FM159: Rsvd (JJ Brunei) | FM160: SOLD (CT Ana)

FM161: SOLD (Amilin) | FM162: SOLD (Azlina)

FM163: SOLD (Amilin) | FM164: Repost

FM165: SOLD (Amilin) | FM166: SOLD (Norhayati)

FM167: Rsvd (Nelly) | FM168: SOLD (Azlina)

FM169: SOLD (Zai) | FM170: SOLD (Hanim)

FM171: SOLD (Azza) | FM172: SOLD (Shay)

MaMa'sHomeBiz is glad to supply all types of popular serunding (floss) made in Terengganu.

SOLD to Hindon Daro (3 packs)
SIMH : Available
100gm/pack ...... RM7.00

SOLD to Hindon Daro (4 packs)
SAMH : Available
100gm/pack ...... RM7.00

SOLD to Hindon Daro (10 packs)
SDMH : Available
100gm/pack ...... RM7.00


A: SOLD (Syamsul) | B1: SOLD (Syamsul) | B2: N/A | B3: SOLD (Syamsul)

ABR: Available

ALL BLACKS Official Jersey World Cup 2003
Size: M. Chest 113cm
Unused brought from UK
Material: 50% Cotton / 50% Polyester

 TOL01: Available

 TOL02: Available

Siang Pure Oil Formula 1 
from Thailand

TYO: Available
Price: RM4.oo per bottle
SOLD to Fuza (3 bottles)

What is Siang Pure Oil?

Siang Pure Oil has been a popular treatment for a range of aches and pains for many years. Its premium combination of herbal ingredients help to make it one of Thailand's market leaders in ointment products.

Siang Pure Oil can:

  • Relieve dizziness and nasal congestion
  • Relieve muscular aches and sprains
  • Soothe headaches
  • Relieve joint pains and insect bites

How to use:

Gently rub onto affected areas or inhale to relieve nasal congestion.


In 100ml Contains:
Methanol 38.6g, Peppermint oil 39.6ml, Camphor 6.9g, Cinnamon oil 0.5ml, Clove oil 0.5ml.

Selling these PostCards for RM2.00 each.

 TPC01: SOLD (Lyza) | TPC02: SOLD (Lyza)

TPC03: SOLD (Lyza) | TPC04: SOLD (Lyza)

FM151: Available | FM152: SOLD (Amilin)

RM15.00 each

FM143: SOLD (Amilin) | FM144: SOLD (Amilin) Rsvd (Suzanna)

FM145: SOLD (Azlina, Azza)  | FM146: Available

FM147: Available | FM148: Rsvd (Ayuzah)

FM149: SOLD (Zai) | FM150: Available

EDM: Available


Price: RM50.00

Selling at our store for RM100.00.
Originally from Pakistan.

WCP: Available

Suitable for spacious wall.

IKA: Available

i-Kids can help as a speed healing and sharpen mental focus for your kids.

Net Weight: 200 Chewable Tablets x 250mg.
Price : RM68.00 per bottle.

Tasbih with 35pcs of crystals.

 TSB02: Available

TSB03: Available

All are Sold OUT !!

M01: SOLD (Nelly) | M02: SOLD (Nelly)
M03: SOLD (Azlina) | M04: SOLD (Nelly) | M05: SOLD (CT Ana)

Mixed Fruits Flavoured 

GFA : Available

Product of AVAIL

Ingredients: Apple powder, Oat powder, Oil palm fiber (contain Lignin), Oligosaccharides, Psyllium seed husk, Wheat grass powder, Spirulina, Alfalfa chlorophyll, Aloe vera 
15gm x 15 sachets per box
The Specialty
100% Natural Simple, Easy, Tasty and HealthyNo stomach ache ♥ No diarrhea Do not contain flavoring, colouring, preservative and artificial sugarDo not contain laxativeDo not contain GMO   

The Benefits
♥ Aids in digestion, improve bowel function
♥ Improves body metabolism rate
♥ Softens stool, improves bowel movements 
♥ Increases proliferation of colonic bacteria beneficial for intestinal health 
♥ Prevents gastrointestinal ulcer and inflammation 
♥ Prevents and improves constipation and hemorrhoids
♥ Effective weight management
Prevents obesity
Prevents colon and breast cancer
♥ Regulates blood cholesterol and sugar level
♥ Antioxidants, improves skin complexion and delays aging 

Kampung Fried Rice Powder
RM1.00/packet | Net Weight 17gm

AGK : Available

Chinese Fried Rice Powder
RM1.00/packet | Net Weight 17gm

AGC: Available

Cooking Instruction
1. Heat 4 tablespoons of cooking oil, if desired, add meat or vegetables (approximately 50gm) and fry well.
2. Then add 400gm - 450gm (4 - 4½ cups) off cooked rice.
3. Sprinkle 1 packet of Adabi Fried Rice Powder onto the rice and fry till evenly mixed. Garnish and serve hot.

Salt, Onion, Sugar, Garlic, White Pepper and Palm Oil. Contains Permitted Food Conditioner, Monosodium Glutamate and Sodium Inosinate as Permitted Flavour Enhancers.

Fried Rice Paste
RM3.00 for 2 packets | Net Weight 30gm/packet

AGN : Available

Cooking Instruction
1. Heat 4 tablespoons of cooking oil. Saute Adabi Fried Rice paste using low heat until fragrant.
2. Add in vegetable, meat, prawn, eggs, squids or others (optional).
3. Then add 300gm - 400gm (3 cups) of white rice and mixed well. Rice is ready to serve.
* Reminder. Use rice that is not lumpy or soft for best results.

Dried chilli, Dried prawns, Fish sauce, Shallot, Monosodium Glutamate, Cooking Oil and Permitted Flavour.