For those who like to collect postcards, here we have few collections from Singapore. There will be more to come from other countries...

PostCards ...... RM2.00 each

SPC01: SOLD (Lyza) SPC02: Available
SPC03: SOLD (Lyza) SPC04: Available

Flyers ...... RM5.00 each

SPC05: Available | SPC06: Available

Another souvenirs from Singapore. Cute Clippers for your collections... only RM10.00 each @ MaMa'sHomeBiz Online Store.

SKC01: SOLD (Amilin) | SKC02: SOLD (Wan) | SKC03: Available
SKC04: Available | SKC05: SOLD OUT

More souvenirs specially brought from Egypt.

ESV04: SOLD to Ruzilawati

ESV05: N/A | ESV06: N/A | ESV07: N/A

BKC01: Available | BKC02: SOLD | BKC03: SOLD (Wan)
BKC04: Available | BKC05: Available

Both are SOLD OUT!!
Maldives, where located below India on the globe consists of 1,192 islands is a superb destination for hideaway and getaway. Adding these 2 pcs of magnets from Maldives for your additional collections onto your fridge.

FM92: SOLD (Ayuzah) | FM93: SOLD (Azah)

Few more collections brought from Singapore. A keychain and magnets to be added into your collections.

SKC01: SOLD (Azza) | FM89: SOLD (Naza)
FM90: SOLD (Zai)| FM91: SOLD (Ija, Azlina)

FM86: SOLD (Ija, Zai, Azah) | FM87: SOLD (Ija) | FM88: SOLD (Amilin)

All are Sold OUT!!

Adding more FM collections from other countries....

FM82: SOLD OUT | FM83: Rsvd (Nelly)
FM84: Rsvd (Nelly) | FM85: Rsvd (Nelly)

All are SOLD OUT!!

Specially brought from Lebanon. Knowing the popular attractions in Lebanon eg Byblos ancient city, Beirut city and Raoucheh through magnetic ceramics.

FM77: Rsvd (Nelly) | FM78: SOLD (Shay)
FM79: SOLD (Anna) | FM80: SOLD (Ayuzah) | FM81: SOLD (Marissa)

All are SOLD OUT!!

BFM03: SOLD (Zai) |
BFM04: SOLD (Naza)

BFM05: SOLD (Azzan)
BFM06: SOLD (Zai)
BFM07: SOLD (Ija)

All are SOLD OUT!!

FM75: SOLD (Zai) | FM76: SOLD (Azzan)
BFM02 : SOLD (Ija)

EB01: Available

EB02: Available | EB03: Available

EB04: Available | EB05: Available

ECH01: SOLD to Ruzilawati

EKH01: N/A | EKH02: N/A

ESV01: N/A | ESV02: SOLD (Shay)

ESV03: N/A


EKC01: N/A | EKC02: SOLD (Azzan) | EKC03: N/A

EKC04: N/A | EKC05: SOLD (Shay)

EKC06: SOLD (Ija)

BFM01: SOLD (Amilin)

FM67: SOLD (Marissaa) | FM68: SOLD (Lyza)

FM69: SOLD (Ija) | FM70 : SOLD (CT Ana)

FM71: SOLD (Shay) | FM72 : SOLD (Ija)

FM73: SOLD (Azah) | FM74 : SOLD (Shay)

VBo1: SOLD (Farizan) | VB02: Available | VB03: Available

VB04: Available | VB05: SOLD (Kak Aisyah)

VBS01: Available | VBS02: Available

VK01: SOLD (Hjh Nor) | VK02: SOLD (Azzan)

VM01: 2pcs Available

VT01: 1pc Available