All are SOLD OUT!!

More fridge magnets for your collection. Specially brought to you from Bali, Indonesia

RM15 each

FM18: SOLD (Lyza) | FM19: SOLD (Shay) | FM20: SOLD (FZ)
FM21: SOLD (Azah) | FM22: SOLD (Jia) | FM23: SOLD (Azzan)
FM24: SOLD (Ija) | FM25: SOLD (Aizam) | FM26: SOLD (Shay)
FM27: SOLD (GH) | FM28: SOLD (FZ) | FM29: SOLD (Fiza)

Specially brought to you from Hard Rock Cafe Bali. For short glass fan, grab it fast.

RM35 each

SG01: SOLD (Mar) | SG02: SOLD (Mar) | SG03: SOLD (Mar)


HR02: SOLD (Lyza)

All are SOLD OUT!!

FM14: SOLD (Farida)
FM15: SOLD (Iona Romania)
FM16: SOLD (Norlizaa) | FM17: SOLD (Azzan)

All are SOLD OUT!!

More Fridge Magnets for your collections. Made in Taiwan!!

FM06: SOLD (Wan) | FM07: SOLD (Shay)
FM08 & FM09: SOLD (Iona Romania)
FM10: SOLD (Shay)
FM11: SOLD (Norlizaa)
FM12: SOLD (Lyza) | FM13: SOLD (GH)

For those who like to keep some collectible items around the world, we are glad to bring in some Korean souvenirs for your collections.There will be many others soon. Check it out!!

All are SOLD OUT!!
Korean Frigde Magnet : RM10 each

FM01: SOLD (Shay, Elly) | FM02: SOLD (Shay,Wan) | FM03: SOLD (Shay, Lyza)
Photo Frame cum Fridge Magnet : RM15 each

FM04: SOLD (Iona Romania) | FM05: SOLD (GH, Jia)
Korean Keychains : RM5 each


Korean Clippers : RM5 each

KC01: SOLD OUT | KC02: SOLD (CheMah)
KC03: SOLD (Yati Cairo) | KC04: SOLD(CheMah)

Another collectible items from Korea. Suitable for Telekung or anything for hand carry. Also suitable as a gift. Comes in 5 different colors.

All are SOLD OUT!!

RM25 each

HD01 : SOLD to Hjh Nor (Brunei)
HD02 : SOLD to Hjh Nor (Brunei)
HD03 : SOLD to Hjh Nor (Brunei)
HD04 : SOLD to Hjh Nor (Brunei)
HD05 : SOLD to Hjh Nor (Brunei)