FM210: SOLD OUT | FM211: SOLD OUT | FM212: SOLD (Asmah) 1pc Available
FM213: SOLD (Asmah, CTZana) 1pc Available | FM214: SOLD OUT | FM215: SOLD (Lani, Nazar) Rsvd (Hayati)

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FM164: Available

Quick and easy to install. Machine washable.
Material 100% Polyester.

Price: RM27.00
FPC : Available

Made of Soft Fabric. 100% Polyester Fibers. High Quality Toy.
Distributed by Toy 'R' Us

Price: RM8.00
DD04: Available

FM204: Available

FM205: Rsvd (Azah) | FM206: SOLD (Amilin)

CFM01: SOLD (Amilin) | CFM02: Available

KVA : SOLD (Amilin)

FM197: SOLD (Shay, Izwan, CTZana, Zai, Nelly) 
FM198: SOLD (Azza, Izwan, Zai, Nelly) 
FM199: SOLD (Shay, Lyza, Qaseh, Zai, Lani)

FM200: SOLD (Shay, Azza, Amilin, Mimi, Nazar, Nazihah, Zai, Lani, Nelly, Lynn) 
FM201: SOLD (Shay, Azza, Amilin, Lyza, Mimi, Nazar, Norhayati, Zai, Lani, Nelly) 
 FM202: SOLD (Shay, Azza, Amilin, Lyza, Mimi 2x, Noriza, Nazar, Zai, Lynn)

FM203: SOLD (Shay, Nazar, Lyza, Zai, Lani, Nelly)

PFM01: SOLD (Ija) | PFM02: SOLD (Ija) | PFM03: SOLD (Ija)

RM25 each

FM195: SOLD (Lani) | FM196: SOLD (CTZana)

FM188: SOLD (Nelly) | FM189: SOLD (CTZana)| FM190: SOLD (Nelly) | FM191: SOLD (Hanim)
FM192: SOLD (Hanim) | FM193: SOLD (Nelly) | FM194: SOLD (Lani)

Our first Snow Globe Collection


Dimension: H 60mm x W 40mm
GL01: SOLD (Ayuzah)

Only RM7.00 each pair

Available Sizes:
16cm - 18cm
19cm - 21cm
LS01: Available | LS02: Available | LS03: Available | LS04: Available

LS05: Available | LS06: Available | LS07: Available | LS08: Available

Material 100% Cotton
TM01: Available (size 80 & 95)
TM02: Available (size 90 & 95)
TM03: Available (size 90 & 95)

Refer to below guidelines to choose your size.

CP01: Available | CP02: Available

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Selling for RM19.00 each
PP01: SOLD (Azza:95) Available | PP02: Available | PP03: Available | PP04: Available

Available Designs
PP01 - Bumble Bee (size 80, 90 & 95)
PP02 - Froggy (size 80, 90 & 95)
PP03 - Lady Bird (size 80, 90 & 95)
PP04 - Panda (size 90 & 95)

Size: 80, 90 & 95
size 80: 40cm pant length
size 90: 42cm pant length
size 95: 45cm pant length 

Selling for RM22.00 each 

Cotton. Stretchable, Comfortable & Stylish.
Suitable for age 1 - 3 years old.
IP01: Available | IP02: SOLD (Azza:95) Available | IP03: Available 

Size: 80, 90 & 95
size 80: 40cm pant length
size 90: 42cm pant length
size 95: 45cm pant length 

Price: RM20.00 each

DD01: Available

DD02: Available

Product of Tokyo Disney Resort. Great interactive story telling toy.
Size: H20cm x W12cm x D10cm (suitable for adult hand size) 

Price: RM24.00
Manufactured by Disney
DD03: Available

With Sesame Street Backseat Mirror, you'll never have to worry about how your little one is doing behind you. It gives you a full view of your precious passenger while the adorable Elmo doll provides fun for baby, too. The large mirror pivots to any angle you need so you can put your mind at ease when you're at wheel.

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Available !!

Ikan Bandeng Presto which is a special processed fish originated from Semarang, Jawa Tengah Indonesia. Processed with a special pressure cooker that makes the fishbone softer and easy to eat. With the special flavor ("bumbu"), the taste of ikan bandeng presto is just so delicious.

Ikan Bandeng Presto is safely pack in vacum sealed plastic and easy to be shipped via postage either to local or overseas shipment.

Ikan Bandeng Presto is good to be either fried or grilled.

Besides the delicious taste, Ikan Bandeng (Milkfish) is a nutrious fish enriched with major elements for body and brain.

Code : IKB
Price: RM15.00 per piece

'Kacang Shantung Berempah'
(Curry-flavored Shantung Peanuts)

Home-made from Malacca. Easy to prepare and nice to eat. 
Available at MaMa'sHomeBiz.

RM1.50 for 100g packet 
RM14.00 for 1 kg packet

KSB: Available

RM15 each

FM187: SOLD (Arianti, Amilin)

RM15 each

DFM31: SOLD (Arianti) | DFM32: SOLD (Azza)
DFM33: SOLD (Marissa) | DFM34: SOLD (CTZana)

RM15 each

DFM15: SOLD (Marissa) | DFM16: SOLD (Lin, Marissa)

DFM11: SOLD (Lin, Amilin) | DFM12: SOLD (Amilin, Lyza)
DFM14: SOLD (Arianti, Shay, Hazlina, Lyza) Rsvd (Nelly)

DFM19: SOLD (Qaseh) | DFM20: SOLD (Marissa)
DFM21: SOLD (Qaseh) | DFM22: SOLD (Azza)

RM10 for each pair

DFM23: Rsvd (Nelly) | DFM24: Rsvd (Nelly)

DFM25: SOLD (Ija) | DFM26: SOLD (Ija)

DFM27: SOLD (Lyza) | DFM28: SOLD (Lyza)

DFM29: SOLD (Qaseh) | DFM30: SOLD (Ija)

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