MBP01: Available

MBP02: Rsvd for Yan

MBP03: Rsvd for Yan

SBP01: Available | SBP02: Available

Multipurpose-Box made of fine finish wood. Comes in 3 pieces with 3 different size: L, M & S.

VL: Available
Size: 20cm (l) x 12cm (w) x 6cm (h)

VM: Available
Size: 18cm (l) x 10cm (w) x 5cm (h)

VS: Available
Size:16cm (l) x 8cm (w) x 3.5cm (h)

Full SET (3pcs) : RM50.00

FB01 : Available

Foldable Multi-purpose Basket made of fine wood originally from Bali.

Length : 13inch
Width : 9inch


Authentic teak from Jepara, Indonesia.

JT01: SOLD to Munira
JT02: Available

Genuine fcuk perfumes brought from UK.

fcuk01: Available
fcuk02: Available

All are SOLD OUT!!

FM137: SOLD (Jihan, Zai)
FM138: SOLD (Zai, Ija)
FM139: SOLD (Kimi R, Zai)FM140: SOLD (Zai), Rsvd (Arianti)
FM141:SOLD (Zai) FM142: SOLD (Amilin)

All are SOLD OUT!!

FM133: SOLD (Noriza, Jia, Zai, Nazar, Azlina, Naz, Shay, Zai, Marissa)
FM134: SOLD (Abi, Hayati, Ija, Nazar, Amilin, Lyza, Azza, Shay)
FM135: SOLD (Zai, Nazar, Lyza)
FM136: SOLD (Abi, Zai, Nazar, Shay)